My Vox AC4TV



I just picked up one of these used via Craigslist. $240. I love it. I can get a great crunch no matter how considerate I am feeling for my building neighbors. It’s a 4W amp, and a wattage attenuator lets you toggle between 1/4W, 1W, and a full-on 4W. This is really an outstanding amp for use at home at comfortable to comfortably loud listening levels.

Next, I’ll be looking at acoustic/vocals amps, and I have my eye on the three-channel acoustic amp from Carvin. I am looking forward to routing the AC4TV through whatever acoustic/vocals amp I end up with, to see if I might use that combo for gigs (if I ever get a gig!).

The aesthetic is pretty neat. Very 1961. It’s supposed to be reminiscent of a television (AC4TV).  I love the red, yellow, and green threading shown on the grille (the primary colors of light). I would imagine that color TVs were pretty rare in those days.

Overall, I’m really happy I made this purchase. It’s just a great standard amp for home use. I can’t wait to get home and play through it more!

First viewing of Dylan Moses


Dylan Moses

I had the pleasure of seeing Dylan Moses (Dylan McGonigle) play at the Uptown Arts Bar in Kansas City last night. He played what sounded like early 1960s folk, reminiscent of Bob Dylan (whom I understand McGonigle is named after). His poetic lyrics, while sometimes made inaudible by periodic rushes of chatter, had a refreshingly developed, unpretentious literary quality. I would like to have heard every word.

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