My guitar


Francisco Domingo FG-16

I play a Francisco Domingo FG-16. I love this guitar. I think it’s of outstanding value. I remember the day I bought it from Brookside Guitars. I went into the shop, and asked the owner, Fed, if he had any Yamaha beginners’ models. He said something like, “yes, everyone used to start with a Yamaha, but I’d like to show you these Domingo guitars I just got in. I have been very impressed with the sound.” He proceeded to show me two FG-16s he had in stock. I, too, thought the sound was beautiful. At one point, he even brought out his custom classical, which had cost him over $4k, and while I admit the custom did sound slightly richer, I could not believe the beautiful sound coming from the Domingo guitars with a sub $300 price tag. I bought the one I liked better.

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My favorite strings


Aquila Alabastro Strings

The company “Aguila” makes my favorite strings to date. The string set model is “Alabastro.” I like the “Superior” tension. These “nylgut” strings were designed to have the same acoustic properties as natural gut, yet with all the advantages of a nylon string. Aguila makes many types of strings for many types of instruments. They seem to be a very innovative, respected, and popular string company.

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Effectively tuning the guitar


Wittner Tuning Fork

In my last post, “Tuning the guitar using perfect fifth harmonics: a mistake,” I explained a common layman’s method of guitar tuning which, though very common, leaves the player with a poorly tuned instrument. In this article, I want to share a solid electronics-free tuning method in which players may put their full confidence, however great it may be.

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Tuning the guitar using perfect fifth harmonics: a mistake


This fork would probably still work, but you get the idea.

Note: As will be shown below, this method of tuning, however common, is inherently flawed. Still, it is probably worth a brief study for the sake of misguided tradition and culture.

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