My Vox AC4TV



I just picked up one of these used via Craigslist. $240. I love it. I can get a great crunch no matter how considerate I am feeling for my building neighbors. It’s a 4W amp, and a wattage attenuator lets you toggle between 1/4W, 1W, and a full-on 4W. This is really an outstanding amp for use at home at comfortable to comfortably loud listening levels.

Next, I’ll be looking at acoustic/vocals amps, and I have my eye on the three-channel acoustic amp from Carvin. I am looking forward to routing the AC4TV through whatever acoustic/vocals amp I end up with, to see if I might use that combo for gigs (if I ever get a gig!).

The aesthetic is pretty neat. Very 1961. It’s supposed to be reminiscent of a television (AC4TV).  I love the red, yellow, and green threading shown on the grille (the primary colors of light). I would imagine that color TVs were pretty rare in those days.

Overall, I’m really happy I made this purchase. It’s just a great standard amp for home use. I can’t wait to get home and play through it more!

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