Diet is really important


Given the serious relief I’ve found through some simple dietary changes, I can’t help but throw my two cents into the blogosphere about the importance of diet.

Based on my experience, diet is of utmost importance for holistic health. And, really, it kind of makes sense. Wait, it doesn’t just kind of make sense, it completely makes sense. I am not surprised at all to have found that what I put in my body has a profound effect on me (and everything else). I am surprised, however, that it’s taken me 32 years to really take this very seriously. I’m also surprised to find myself in a culture where the dietary norm is so conspicuously and blatantly harmful, yet continues to perpetuate.

The following might seem unbelievable, but it’s true. In February, a man came into my office who had spent his career in the health and fitness industry. We were just chatting, and he convinced me to try the “paleo” diet, take a daily probiotic, and exercise just a few minutes, high-intensity, within an hour of waking. I did so, and within a week I found myself enjoying a sense of health greater that I’d ever felt. More energy, outstanding focus, and freedom from the general irritation, depression, and anxiety that had nagged me for years. I’m not exaggerating at all, it’s been stunning. I’ve been telling almost everyone I meet about this for months now.

I am still in an experimental phase, where I am testing to see what I can and can not eat. I won’t go into all of that too much, but I will say that it seems that some sort variant of ketogenic diet will be necessary for me, maybe for the rest of my life. At this time I am thinking that high carbohydrate foods indirectly cause a kind of inflammation, which messes up my whole system. Or maybe my gut has been unhealthy in general and I need to get it back on track before eating carbohydrate-dense foods. I don’t know for sure. It will take some time, but I am sure happy I am getting this figured out. I plan to see a doctor before too long to see that I don’t have a noticeable blood sugar or insulin related disorder.

Diet and exercise, pillars of health and medicine for millennia, should reestablish their rightful place as the foundation for overall well-being. Why should we expect any standard of happiness when we’re poisoning ourselves daily? We would not dump toxic fluid on a plant and expect a favorable outcome. We are not any different. To me, it seems counterproductive to turn to psychological or spiritual conjectures about one’s well-being before establishing baseline bodily health through diet and exercise.

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