My favorite strings


Aquila Alabastro Strings

The company “Aguila” makes my favorite strings to date. The string set model is “Alabastro.” I like the “Superior” tension. These “nylgut” strings were designed to have the same acoustic properties as natural gut, yet with all the advantages of a nylon string. Aguila makes many types of strings for many types of instruments. They seem to be a very innovative, respected, and popular string company.

Thus far, I have tried a three Aguila string models. One, the Alabastros mentioned above, have become a staple of mine. Two, their “Perla” strings, having bionylon trebles, sounded fine, but I preferred the timbre of the nylgut trebles. Three, their “Rubino” strings, which I put on my La Patrie Motif parlor classical. I love those, too. They are very bright, and I am fascinated by the thin gauge of the trebles. I think they would make outstanding strings for a flamenco guitar.

I would also like to add that Aguila’s product descriptions have always seemed spot on, and very light on the fluff. Much appreciated.

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