First viewing of Dylan Moses


Dylan Moses

I had the pleasure of seeing Dylan Moses (Dylan McGonigle) play at the Uptown Arts Bar in Kansas City last night. He played what sounded like early 1960s folk, reminiscent of Bob Dylan (whom I understand McGonigle is named after). His poetic lyrics, while sometimes made inaudible by periodic rushes of chatter, had a refreshingly developed, unpretentious literary quality. I would like to have heard every word.

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My guitar


Francisco Domingo FG-16

I play a Francisco Domingo FG-16. I love this guitar. I think it’s of outstanding value. I remember the day I bought it from Brookside Guitars. I went into the shop, and asked the owner, Fed, if he had any Yamaha beginners’ models. He said something like, “yes, everyone used to start with a Yamaha, but I’d like to show you these Domingo guitars I just got in. I have been very impressed with the sound.” He proceeded to show me two FG-16s he had in stock. I, too, thought the sound was beautiful. At one point, he even brought out his custom classical, which had cost him over $4k, and while I admit the custom did sound slightly richer, I could not believe the beautiful sound coming from the Domingo guitars with a sub $300 price tag. I bought the one I liked better.

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My favorite strings


Aquila Alabastro Strings

The company “Aguila” makes my favorite strings to date. The string set model is “Alabastro.” I like the “Superior” tension. These “nylgut” strings were designed to have the same acoustic properties as natural gut, yet with all the advantages of a nylon string. Aguila makes many types of strings for many types of instruments. They seem to be a very innovative, respected, and popular string company.

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Effectively tuning the guitar


Wittner Tuning Fork

In my last post, “Tuning the guitar using perfect fifth harmonics: a mistake,” I explained a common layman’s method of guitar tuning which, though very common, leaves the player with a poorly tuned instrument. In this article, I want to share a solid electronics-free tuning method in which players may put their full confidence, however great it may be.

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Tuning the guitar using perfect fifth harmonics: a mistake


This fork would probably still work, but you get the idea.

Note: As will be shown below, this method of tuning, however common, is inherently flawed. Still, it is probably worth a brief study for the sake of misguided tradition and culture.

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